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Why choose in-house online ordering?

In-house online ordering creates a higher rate of customer engagement compared to third-party applications

Did you know?

60%  of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week.
Restaurants that don't have online ordering by 2025 will lose over 70% of their customers.
70% of consumers would prefer to order from a restaurant directly instead of through a third party program.
Digital ordering and delivery has grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014.
Studies show that online food delivery platforms retain 77% of their customers on average.
45% of consumers say that having loyalty programs and mobile services would make them more willing to use online ordering.

Built to Compete

Eatz Local has a very robust set of features that come standard on all our plans. Need something specific? Let us know -- we may already have it! Otherwise we'll be more than happy to create new features that will propel our system to the next level.

Full Store Setup

Let us take the frustrations of setting up a new system off your shoulders. With our full staff of designers and technicians available, we assure that you'll be up and running quickly and headache free.

Branded Mobile Apps

Modernize your restaurants with their very own iOS and Android apps to match their custom website. Customers can use these mobile apps to place orders on the go from their phones or tablets.

Intuitive Administration

Quickly find what you're looking for. Everything you need to manage and operate each store has been intuitively laid out for easy access. With our cloud based admin panel entry option, you'll be able to access your system, data, and sales reports from anywhere that you have internet access.


Quickly get notified of your online orders through a number of different channels. You choose the one(s) that are right for you and your staff. Choose between email, fax, text message, cloud printer, or you can have your orders channeled direct through your point of sale system.

Cloud Printer

Order our specially designed Cloud Printers for your stores. Orders are transmitted directly to the printer (which acts like a mini server) over the internet. These Cloud Printers are standalone devices, which requires no additional setup or equipment to operate. Just connect to your WiFi and you're set!
cloud printer

Online Coupons

Offer coupons to your customers and increase revenue by 40%. Create a variety of coupons and set discount limits, redemption and even give away free items. As a business owner, you can choose to offer discounts by items, give flat percentage off discounts, combo order discounts, and even use coupon codes to assign to your specific offerings.

Loyalty / Rewards

Reward your customers for staying loyal by using the built-in Rewards feature. Use points with the integrated coupon system to offer discounts to redeem points or use the points with the same-as-cash option.

Unlimited Modifiers

Build your menu your way. Offer unlimited modifier and options to the customer. Create build your own items and mix and match with combos.

Powerful Pizza Builder

We offer one of the best and flexible pizza builder around. Multiple topping availability, pizza combos and straightforward pizza options bundled in an easy to use menu builder feature.

Multiple Locations

Use a single software license for multiple store locations. Orders, payments & notification services are sent to each individual locations, eliminating the need for additional software license or website.

Delivery Zones

Create unlimited delivery zones by mapping your zones and setting delivery fees. Delivery addresses are verified for errors and validity.

Customer Database

Get full access to your customers and their buying powers.Send notifications, emails & messages at a push of a button. View customer history, loyalty and ordering patterns. Export customer database with ease.

Smart Up-Sells

Track user browsing & buying patterns and the system will automatically up-sell products that is relevant to the customer. Additionally, you can easily create products to cross-sell during the ordering process to maximize order conversion.

Surveys + Feedback

Integrated survey & feedback system will help continue providing top customer service by asking your customers exactly what's on their mind. Create surveys and schedule them to be sent (for example) after an order. Simplified feedback system is also available after each order.

...and so much more

Accept delivery orders, take-out, dine-in, curbside & catering orders. Let your customers pay securely online using their credit card or PayPal, pay in person for take-out orders or use our COD option to accept other forms or payment for delivery orders.
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